Age of Adaline

This movie is just wow. Age of Adaline’s story is not your ordinary movie, it is all about a woman who stopped aging. She was married then and loses her husband in the construction of Golden Gate Bridge.

The miracle began when she survived a car accident, totally wrecked. After she survived the accident, her age and looks seems to have been frozen and she didn’t age any since that day started. She can be killed but never will she die of natural causes. In the movie, Adaline has a daughter. Her daughter which is played by a older person makes their relationship extra weird but sweet. Adaline lives alone with her dog, yes, she had many dogs already who had left her as they age. She then met a man who is as same age as she is frozen to be, but the thrill goes with her secret that she is aged just like his grandmother.

The twist of the story goes with the revelation that the father of the guy she just met was just the very person she was supposed to marry years ago. And the climax then, goes on and on.

Her frozen age miracle ended when she then encountered another car crash and got critical but later on survived it.

She was happy when she saw that first gray on her hair which tells that she is now back to normal.

Blake Lively has a very captivating beauty, poised and just so perfect for the role. The movie would make you want to try having that miracle, too. It captivated my imagination and made me realize a lot of things. This movie is a big budget film, a powerful one too. If it’s mission is to captivate your heart, it

won. The movie makes itself like a self-help about the importance of commitment. The sadness of have loving and losing, the family ties. I have never seen a movie like this, that 1 hour and 52 minutes length of movie is so interesting it made me feel like it was just 30 minutes. Every situation Adaline gets into is

just so heartwarming. This one is better than that movie, “The curious case of Benjamin Button.” I don’t know but I think this one is close to reality for me. Atleast the idea of preserving someones youth.

Miracles do happen, I know but this one is different. Most science are giving their best to preserve

someone’s youth and fight all the natural causes of death. So thumbs up and they did well in capturing my imaginations and dreams.

The side I want to point out is that, we are given this life and we age, this gives us experience and lesson.

This will make our life exciting and more fun to live. If given a chance, I will still live normally. My reason? I didn’t want to see my love ones leave me or anything close to that. I want to grow old with my husband, and want my children to take care of me someday.

But hey, if you want to be entertained, this is a good movie to watch.

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Be blessed!

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